About Us  
Arasan Chemicals Private Limited was incorporated in the month of May, 2010 and started operations in the same month. The Company has been promoted by people trained and experienced in the field of synthetic organic chemistry.
  Arvind Manian, PhD
Arvind Manian obtained a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Bombay (now Mumbai) and worked for his doctoral thesis at the Haffkine Institute, Mumbai. He has worked in several Indian chemical and pharmaceutical Companies in various positions in areas such as process chemistry, pilot and bulk production, project management and business development.
  Neesha Desai, PhD
  Neesha Desai obtained a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Mumbai and worked for her doctoral thesis at the University Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT), now called the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT). She has a good level of skill and experience in synthesis of various classes of molecules viz. heterocycles, biphenyls, cycloalkanes, boronic acids etc and in managing the many areas of work in the laboratory.